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RE: iVend Licence

Hi Ben,


As the matter is account specific and invlove financial discussions which can't be discussed in a forum post I'll like to close this thread.

I'm looping in...

RE: Upgrade SQL 2012

Hi Cristina,

Before upgrading SQL 2012, you use the following instructions:

1. Use the SQL 2012 upgrade advisor, for the compatibility/required components on that PC for the...

RE: Use Ivend API with REST

Hi Jonathan

    Yes, it is possible using the Web API of iVend Retail. You will find more information in the next

RE: Integration with SAP All in One

Hi Amhed

    Per my understanding the integration with SAP All in One is not available yet, however this feature is achievable using the Web API of iVend Retail. Indeed,...

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Automatic Locale Selection

Applicable Versions : 1.6 and above. What is Automatic Locale Selection? The automatic locale selection identifies the shopper’s country from where the site is being browsed and...

COD Availability

Applicable Versions : 1.6 and above. What is C.O.D. availability? iVend eCommerce allows configuring the Postal / ZIP codes for which the specified product(s) can be purchased using...

Coupon Code offer at Home Page

Applicable Versions : 1.6 and above. What is coupon code offer at home page? As a regular practice, retailers offer coupons to their customers. Mostly these coupons are redeemed at...

Exit Offer

Applicable Versions : 1.6 and above. What is Exit Offer? iVend eCommerce is now equipped to convert visitors into shoppers. Using the Exit Offer feature, a compelling offer can be...

iVend eCommerce 1.6 Release Notes

New Skin A new mobile responsive skin has been incorporated in this release.  Home Page – Skin 107 ​     Entity Page – Skin 107   ...

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