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Dashboard Interactivity


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate Dashboard Interactivity.

We will see features that enable interaction between various Dashboard items. These features include Master Filtering and Drill Down.

So, let us start with Master Filtering. In iVend Management Console, go to Reports and under Design and Label, select option Dashboard Designer. Click on New. Give Code and Description and then click on button Design Dashboard. Dashboard allows you to use any data aware Dashboard items as filter for other Dashboard items.

Now, before we proceed, make sure you have created a Data Source as per your requirement. I will use existing one for this demo. Let us select a Data Source. Let us take Inventory Snapshot, now select Dashboard item. Let us take a Chart, provide the Value And Arguments. So, this is our one of the Dashboard item.

Now, let us take another Dashboard item which will be Master Filter, and this Dashboard item can be Grid Records, Chart Bars, Pie Segments, etc. So, let us take a grid and provide the column for this grid. Now, these are the elements which you can select in Master Filter item to filter data in other Dashboard items by the selected values. Please note, Master Filter item supports two selection modes, let us go to Data, Multiple Master Filter or Single Master Filter.

Multiple Master Filter allows you to select multiple elements in the Master Filter item. So, if I select this. Now, you can select multiple elements, and if you select Single Master Filter, in that case you would not be able to select multiple elements because when single mode is enabled, the default selection will be set to Master Filter element so you can change this section; however, cannot clear it.

You can also prevent items from being filtered, means you can prevent specific Dashboard items from being affected by Master Filter. So, if I take another Dashboard item, let us take Chart, provide the Value and Argument. Now, if I want to prevent this chart 2 being filtered from the Master Filter, select this, go to Data, and then select option Ignore Master Filter. Now, if I select any element, you will notice chart 2 is prevented being filtered from Master Filter.

Now, let us move to next feature which is Drill Down. Drill Down feature allows end user to change the detail level of data displayed in the Dashboard item. It enables users to drill down to display detailed data or drill up to view more general information.

Now, let us select the Data Source. Let us take Inventory Snapshot and then select the Dashboard item. Let us take Pie. To enable Drill Down, click the Drill Down button in the Data Ribbon tab. Go to Data and then select Drill Down. Now, provide the values for this Drill Down, provide the Argument like Warehouse Name, Product Group, Product Name. Now, if I click on this, and then I can have the Drill Down Dashboard if I click on this.

Please note, the Dashboard items which support the Drill Down features are Chart, Grid, Pies, and Gauges. So, in this way, user can enable interaction between various Dashboard items.

With this, we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.

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