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Drill-Down Report


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate Drill-Down Report.

For that, let us go to iVend Management Console. In iVend Management Console, go to Reports and then select Report Designer. Report Designer screen appears. Here, in Property section, select the option Dictionary. In Dictionary, select Data Source. Right click on iVend Connection and create new Data Source. Double click on this iVend Connection, click on New Query.

Now, here we will change the name of the Data Source. Now, drag the Query in this area. Now, if your Query requires the parameters, then define the parameter for this Query.

So, click on Parameter, give the Name of the parameter. Let us give the name, From Data, define the Size, let us give it 8, and then Type, NVarChar. Similarly, we need to create another parameter so it depends on your query how many parameters you have to define. Let us give it 8 and then Data Type which will be NVarChar.

After creating the parameters, retrieve the columns. Click on the Retrieve Columns and then press Okay. Now, select this checkbox and click Okay and Data Source is created, go here, and you can see this is the Data Source which we have just created. You can create more than one Data Source as we have created this one for Drill-Down.

Now, we will create variable for each Data Source. Click on it and select New Variable. Provide the proper Name for variable, assign the Type, then provide the Default Value and click Okay. Now, we will assign these variables to the parameters which we have created in these data sources. Let us do it.

Now, we will drag the Data Source into the Designer area and list of columns will be available. Choose the columns which you want to display in the report. I have selected all. Now, you can choose the header and Okay. They will appear in this way on the report.

Now, go to Page, right click and select the New Page. Now, let us go back to Page 1, here select the column, go to its properties and scroll down, then select the option Interaction. Here, select Page 2, check this checkbox which says Drill-Down Enabled and then Drill-Down Parameters. Provide the column Name, now provide the Expression. Expression is the name of the Data Source with Column. Now, click Okay.

Now, after this we will assign the Data Source to Page 2, so let us go to Dictionary, select the Page 2, and then drag the Data Source on the Designer area. List of columns will be available. Select the columns which you want to display on this report. Choose Okay.

Now, we will drop the Report Title Band, and in Report Title Band, drag the Item Group Description. Once done, then select the Data Band, double click on it, and select Filters. Add Filters, then select Expression, then click on Fx, and write the expression here.

After writing the Expression, click Okay and then Okay.

Now, if we Preview the report and you can see report is generated and cursor is converted into a hand icon. Now, if you click on it, a Drill-Down report is generated. Now, you can save this report in IRT format, and in this way you can create Drill-Down Reports.

Thank you for watching this video.