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Loyalty Id restarted

Loyalty Id restarted
10/11/17 7:47 AM

Hi Experts.


After a database issue I had to reinitialize the store in order to renew the database, after a couples days some issues appears, like no transaction history prior the reinitialization (this still happens but not affect the operation of the store), however I just get one, when creating a new customer and enrolling it to the loyalty program, the usual red ribbon appears saying:


"Commit failed. Object Type - LoyaltyPointSummary, Key - 300000000001"


it looks like it is not getting the information about the other loyalty cards already register, when is getting the next number, do you know a way to fix this issue?



RE: Loyalty Id restarted
10/12/17 4:56 PM as a reply to Fernando Rapa.

Hi Fernando,

The problem is relate with database I would like to suggest you to raise the support ticket; So team and check and investigate the same.