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RE: Bill Discount

Bill Discount
3/11/18 10:06 AM

Hello All,

I am using iVend 6.5.2 plugged to SAP 9.1 PL11

I have below scenario. Need help to set it up

1. If bill amount less than or equal to KWD5, then 50% discount on total bill except few items.

2. If bill amount greater than KWD5, then KWD2.500 discount on total bill except few items. 

For 2nd setup I intend to to do a bonus buy with minimum bill amount of KWD5.001 and discount type as Amount and Discount value as KWD2.500. Minimum quantity will be set to 1 and exclusion list will include items that I need to exclude from promotion. (Edit: Tested the 2nd scenario and it works perfectly).


Need help with the first setup.


RE: Bill Discount
3/11/18 8:35 PM as a reply to Nitin Rastogi.


Need help on 1st scenario. 

Basically whole scenario is

50% discount or KWD 2.500 discount (whichever is lower) excluding some items (exclusion list).