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Graphical Report


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate basic steps for creating Graphical Report.

For that, let us go to iVend Management Console. In iVend Management Console, under Reports section and Designer Label submenu, select option Report Designer. Report Designer screen appears.

Here, let us quickly create a Data Source. Click on New Query, and I will use a Query which I have already prepared, let us give it a Name, ProductCount, then Retrieve Column, and then Okay. Select it and Okay. Now, a Data Set is ready.

Now, put the Chart component. Chart Editor Screen appears. Here, click the Add Series button to add a series and select the type of series in the menu.

Let us take Clustered Column. Please note that the type of number should match the type of chart, means if it is Clustered Column chart type, then the series must be of Clustered Column type. Then, set the chart series, provide the data for value and for argument series. Provide the Value Data column, then provide the Argument Data column, and then click Okay.

You can edit the Chart component like align at widths, set borders if required, change the border color, you can align these as per your requirement, and you can give border to it. You may also change the properties of the Chart component. For example, if it is required, the Chart component to be grown by the height, then set the Grow to Height property to True. Go to properties, make the Grow to Height property to True.

Now, let us go back to Chart Series where we can change the value of the series property. Double click on the Chart. For example, you can set the Show 0 property to False if it is necessary to hide 0 values. You can enable or disable the Series label, you can change the title, let us give it Product Count, and it is changed to Product Count. You may also change the design of the series by setting the value of the following properties like Border Color, Brush, and Show Shadow.

You can also edit the Legends. For that, you need to go to Chart, then go to Legend. You can enable or disable the visibility of legend, like if you make it False it has disappeared. If you want to keep it True, and it is back here. You can change the horizontal alignment, like want to keep it on right, it is on right.

Also, if you want to disable the grid lines, you can do that. For that, you need to go to Area, and in Area, Grid Lines Horizontal, mark it False, similarly Vertical, then Interlacing Horizontals, make it False and Interlacing Vertical, False. So, you can see background is clean now. Once done, you can say Okay.

Now, we can click on Preview button or press F5 to generate the report. Let us preview this.

Now, you will notice when you have number of items, the headings overlap each other so you can align these headings also of X axis. For that, you need to double click on this Chart then go to Area, X Axis, then in that go to Labels and here set the angle. Let us give it 45 degrees. Now, Okay.

Now, you can preview or generate the report. Let us press F5, and you can see the headings on the X Axis.

So, in this way user can create Graphical Reports.

With this, we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.