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Group based Report


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate Group Based Report.

For that, let us go to iVend Management Console. In Management Console, go to Reports then under menu Designer Label, select option Report Designer. Report Designer Screen appears.

So, let us start with creation of a list report or you may select already created list report. I will quickly create a new list report. Select the Data Band, provide the Data Source. Take ID Description, Product Group Key, and Okay.

Also, let us add the column on which grouping will be done. So, let us take another Data Source. This time, I will take Table INV Product Group and choose the column on which grouping will be done.

So, this is the Product Group Key. Let us take the Description and Okay. Now, select the Data Source and click Okay. Then, provide the Text component, Data Column. This will be ID and then another Text component. Let us align them and make the relation on which grouping will be done, so go to Data Source, right click and New Relation, here select the parent which is INV Product Group and then Column on which grouping will be done. Product Group Key and then Okay, and relation is created.

So, we have a list report ready. Now, we will add Group Header Band and Group Footer Band to this report template. The group header band should be placed higher than the Data Band to what it is related to. The Group Footer Band is placed under the Data to what Group Header is related. Each Group Footer corresponds to a specific Group Header. The Group Footer Band will not output without Group Header.

So, let us place the Group Header and Footer. This is Group Header, place it, provide the Data Source, Product Group Key. Let us provide the Group Footer. This is the Group Footer. Now, let us place it on top. Now, after this put the Text component with Expressions. Text component, provide the Data Column, and then Okay.

Then, Text component for Footer. We will provide a Count function. Count function will count summary by the amount of entries in each group. So, go to Summary, Count, select the Data Band which will be Group Header Band, and then Okay.

You may change the values of properties according to the requirement. For example, set the Keep Group Header Together property for the Group Header to True. Let us go to Properties, look for this property, make it True. It is necessary to keep the Group Header with the group, and for the Group Footer Band, set the Keep Footer Together to True if it is required to keep the footer with the group. Go to Properties, this is Keep Group Footer Together which is True.

You may also edit the Data Bands and Text component like Alignment, Borders, Background Color, Font, Size, etc. Let us give some background color. Go to Brush, let us take it Gainsboro similarly for this, Group Header, Text component of Group Header. Let us take it this one. You may make it bold, increase the font size.

So, now our Group Based Report is ready. You may press Preview or click F5 to generate the report. Let us click F5, and this is our Group Based Report. If we scroll down, you will see this is the Footer Count and so on.

With this, we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.