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iVend Addon Installation


In this session, we are going to look at the installation of the CitiXsys iVend Retail Add-on with an SAP Business One.  In this demonstration, we are going to show how to install the CitiXsys Add-on iVend Retail with an SAP Business One.

To do this, we go to the administration menu.  We select the sub menu item Add-ons and then select Add-on administration.  Now, you can see here we have got a list of available Add-ons and we have also got the list of Add-ons that are assigned to this company.  So, we need to add in the iVend Retail Solution.  So, to do this, we click on the Register Add-on.  We then need to go to the Radio button here to look up and select the registration data file and the installation package.  So, we just click on the button here.  We then need to navigate to the CitiXsys Add-on folder.  So, we select the C drive, we select Program Files.  We navigate and locate the CitiXsys folder, select iVend Retail, then select the Add-on folder and then select the .ard file.  Click Open, and you will see here that the Installation Package Data File has also been selected for us.  All that is required now is to ensure that the Assign to Current Company is selected, and then we also select the Install as Part of Registration.  We click OK to confirm.  We will get a message on the task bar telling about the timing as to how long the installation will take.  We now get our confirmation window and we select Next.  We confirm the installation path and click on Install.  You can see here, we get a confirmation message on the task bar about the Add-on being installed.

Now, depending on whether this is an update or a new install, then we may get a progress meter here that displays the data script that is running to create the database fields and tables.  Alternatively, if this is the first time that this Add-on is being started in the company, we also may see a progress meter refreshing the database connections with tables and fields that will be required, which we will see when we start the Add-on.  So, here we have now a list of the Add-ons and the CitiXsys iVend Add-on has been added to the assigned Add-ons for this company.  It is recommended that you move the Add-on to the top of the list by selecting this radio button here, the up arrow, this will just help to ensure a smoother installation.  It is also recommended for the first installation, just to click the Force Install button.

Now, we need to select an option from the default groups here and from the drop down box, we are going to select automatic so that this Add-on starts automatically when we log in to SAP Business One.  We just need to confirm the user preferences as well for the Add-on.  So, I am going to select the User Preferences tab.  In am logged in as David Boon, the manager, so I am going to select the manger user and I am going to make sure that the Add-on is also set to automatic for this user.  We click update to confirm.  We get a confirmation message that the operation has completed successfully.  We click OK.

Now, all we need to do is go to the Add-on Manager and click on the Add-on iVend Retail and click Start.  You can see here now, we are getting our connection confirmation message at the bottom of the screen and indeed the data script is running to refresh the tables and fields within this database, so we just need to wait for that to complete.  This is a one off exercise.  For the first time, the Add-on is installed or started.  Then, we receive a confirmation message that the installation has been completed.  We click OK.  We now get a message saying that the database has been modified and we need to refresh that connection.  We click Yes to confirm and then we get a message declaring that to complete the process we need to restart SAP Business One, so we are going to do that.  We click Yes to confirm.  So, now all that is required is for us to log back into SAP Business One to complete the Add-on installation.  Click OK.  Once SAP starts, you will see we get a confirmation message that the iVend Retail Solution is starting.  The process also checks for any product updates.  This concludes the demonstration on installing the CitiXsys Add-on iVend Retail within SAP Business One.

Thank you for watching.  Further e-learning demonstrations can be found at

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