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How to Consume an iVend API


Hi my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate how to consume an iVend API, then I will use a sample code to demonstrate the same, and in last we will see a list of objects exposed via API.

iVend API can be used to integrate with many softwares such as SAP R/3, Navision, etc., and moreover it is used for replicating data between HO to store and vice versa.

There are various steps to create an application using iVend API.

First of all, create new application, give a name, now right click on References, and select Add Service Reference. In the Add Service Reference screen, type the address of the iVend Service and then click Go button. This lists down the iVend Service under the Service section of Add Service Reference Screen. Now, type the name of iVend API in the Name Space field and then click Okay button.

Now, right click on the iVend API once the service reference is successfully added to the project. Then, select Configure Service Reference option. Change the Collection Type to System.Collection.Generic.List and then click Okay button.

So, these were the steps to use iVend API.

Now, I will use a sample code to consume iVend API. This is a code to create a new country, object, or record in iVend. Now, if I run this piece of code, it will add the Country, Ind., USA, and AUS in iVend. Let us run it. So, it is executed.

Now, let us check this in iVend. Go to Country and let us search for Ind. and you can see Ind. code is added. Similarly, other one and this one. So, this is how you can consume an iVend API.

Now, there is a list of objects exposed via API. These are the objects exposed via iVend API. There are more objects. So, these were the objects which are exposed via iVend API.

Now, with this we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.

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