iVend Loyalty Server is a new breed of product offering from CitiXsys Technologies Ltd., that has capabilities of integrating with any retail application through its cutting edge, interoperable set of APIs. It exposes all its objects as a service, by abstracting away the need for interested partners to know the intricate details of objects, initialization routines and business logic and data persistence.

In other words, a retailer wishing to add customer focused loyalty programs with highly configurable rewards and redemption programs can simply leverage upon their existing retail systems and integrate directly with iVend Loyalty Server.

How does it work?

Master Import and Initialization

The first step for a retailer is to identify the mechanism by which it wishes to create masters in iVend Loyalty Server. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Import using a Template
  • Create masters within iVend Loyalty

Import of Masters from External Systems

Templates are provide for partners and customer that can be used to export master data from their existing retail systems. These templates are then further imported in iVend Loyalty Server and initialized once in the system.


Once the masters are imported and initialized in the loyalty system, it is then ready to accept transactions for imported masters for award or redemption of points.

Creation of Masters with iVend Loyalty Server

The other mechanism is to create each of the master data manually using appropriate graphical user interface from within the iVend Loyalty server. While this may seem tedious for retailers with huge data sets, for small retailers this may be a better option. This mechanism is also beneficial for retailers who may find difficulty in exporting data directly from their retail systems.

Transactions Import and Processing

The award and redemption of points is typically triggered in a loyalty system when a retail transaction has occurred i.e. a sale or a refund is made.

iVend Loyalty Server provides two modes of triggering the award and redemption processes for a ‘Loyalty Transaction’

  • Instant Processing and
  • Batch Processing

The ‘Instant Processing’ mode is triggered when the retailer system is integrated with Loyalty using its APIs.

The ‘Batch Processing’ mode is a deferred way of running the rewards program in Loyalty where the actual sale/refund transactions are uploaded in the Loyalty application in a bulk manner through file based imports.

Instant Processing

  • Awards and redemption of rewards (points and currency units) are triggered immediately after a sale or a refund transaction in the retail system i.e. on the POS.
  • This also enables instant redemption capabilities for the customer.
  • Instant processing is supported when the external retail system is connected to iVend Loyalty using its APIs using the prescribed request-response based mechanism.

Batch Processing

  • Awards and redemption of rewards (points and currency units) are evaluated after a list of historical transactions is imported in the system and the rewards engine completes a bulk processing of the imported transactions.
  • When the system is setup for ‘Batch Processing’, instant redemption will not occur.
  • Batch processing takes place when the reward engine takes a list of historical transactions as a data set in files and does a bulk processing.

Global Rewards System

Irrespective of the number of POS or the distribution of POS across the geography, there is only one iVend Loyalty Server hosted on the cloud that fulfills all rewards management requirements for a retail enterprise.

This is also true for an ecommerce application that manages its operations through a browser based interface or other retail applications on mobile devices.

The following diagram illustrates inter-intra connected retail systems integrated with the iVend Loyalty Server on the internet through its APIs.


The retail systems can be on any platform or on any device or any type. As long as they use the central iVend Loyalty system through its API(s) they can manage their entire rewards systems in a global manner.

Similarly, if a retail organization has traditional POS systems distributed globally on the WWW (World Wide Web) cloud, they can connect to single loyalty system hosted on the cloud and manage the rewards program of their customers.



Internally, the iVend Loyalty APIs connect to its single database for performing all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations required to award and redeem rewards on the basis of sale transaction attributes (transaction id, product code, customer code etc.) received through its service parameters.


iVend Loyalty Server allows retailers to leverage on their existing systems without spending too much time, effort or money on creating or managing new systems that are distributed through their enterprise.

Customer penetration and retention can be increased manifolds by using a centrally located loyalty system that is easy to manage and integrate with.

With the ever growing demands on customer focused businesses and abundantly available cheap bandwidth, iVend Loyalty server exceeds the requirements of an enterprise scale rewards management system.

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