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How to perform an Anonymous Checkout?

What is an Anonymous Checkout?

The anonymous checkout feature allows customers to check out without creating an account. Customers usually prefer this as this results in a quick shopping experience.

However, it is recommended that the feature isn't used unless absolutely necessary. While the checkout process seems an advantage, the customers lose out on the typical benefits of a registered customer such as the ability to reorder automatically, create a wish list or gift registry, etc. Order management also becomes more difficult, depending on how the feature is set up.

Note: The option to register is still available for the customer event if this feature is enabled


What is the difference between an anonymous customer and a customer who has used the anonymous check out feature?

An anonymous customer (in iVend Ecommerce) is similar to a guest visitor. This user can browse through the site, add an item to the cart/wish list, choose a locale or currency, etc.

A registered customer can also perform an anonymous checkout resulting in a complete order. The only difference in a regular checkout is that the customer cannot log back into the site in the future.

Configuring anonymous checkout

To enable anonymous checkout, simply set the ‘PasswordIsOptionalDuringCheckout’ value in th AppConfig to true.  A combination of several other AppConfigs parameters can be considered when this feature is enabled:


AppConfig Name



If this is set to true, anonymous customers still have to enter an email address (just not a password) when going through checkout.

It is highly recommended that this is left true. If you do not have your customer's email address it can be difficult to track orders and you cannot send out receipts or other email notifications.


If this is set to true, customers can pay through Google Checkout (assuming it is enabled) without registering on your site. This must confirm to Google's terms and conditions.


If this is set to true, customers can pay through PayPal Express (assuming it is enabled) without registering on your site. This is must confirm to PayPal's terms and conditions.


If Basic One Page Checkout is also enabled, this ‘AppConfig’ value must be set to true to enable anonymous checkout.




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