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What are Order Options?

Order options are a way of offering customers extra products/services during checkout. This can be used either as an upsell tool or a means to offer additional services such as special packaging, embossing, engraving, etc.

Order options are listed as separate line items on receipts.

How to create an Order Option?

  • Log in as an administrator on click on Pricing and Promotions >> Order Options under the Configuration menu.

  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button to create a new order option.

Note: Existing order options are listed here. You can click on the individual order option to edit. The display order of the order option can also be reset using a sequence number. A display order of ‘1’ for all order options lists them in alphabetical order.


  • Enter the individual attributes of the new order option in the screen presented


The following is the description of each attribute of an order option:

Field Name


Option Name*

This is the label for the option, which will be displayed on the shopping cart page.


This is the full details of the order option. The content is entered through the rich editor control, and can accept HTML source.

The description will be displayed if the customer clicks the help  icon next to the order option name on the shopping cart page.

Default is Checked *

If this is set to true, then the order option is selected and added to the customer's cart by default unless it is intentionally unchecked on the shopping cart page.


This is the cost of the order option in addition to the actual product.

This is a pre-tax cost.

Tax Class

Order options can be taxed just like products. Select one of the existing tax classes from this list.


Order options can have surcharge just like product. Select one of the surcharges from this list.

Note: The cost of order option items are integrated as Header Surcharge of iVend Retail.


Store admins can upload an image here and it will be displayed to the left of the order option name on the shopping cart page.

The image denotes an order option on the web site explicitly

Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.


Selecting an Order Option

Order options are displayed on the shopping cart page in eCommerce website, as shown below.


  • Select one or more order option by checking the corresponding checkbox (es) alongside each order.
  • Click on the ‘Update Cart’ button to add the order option (s) to the shopping cart.
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