iVend eCommerce - Managing Site Banners

How to manage Site Banners? (Smart Sliders)

A banner is a form of advertisement (or announcement) on the home page of a website. Banners are managed using a Smart Slider or Homepage Slider in iVend eCommerce.

  • Login as a site administrator and click on the Configuration >> HomePageSlider menu.


  • To create a new slider, click on ‘Add New’ button on the resulting page.



Note: Existing sliders are displayed as hyperlinks in the left hand content pane. You may click on the individual links to edit the existing sliders.


  • Enter the details for the new slider and click on the ‘Submit’ button to save changes.


Field Name



This is the label for the slider.


The hyperlink (URL) which points to a content page when the slider is clicked by the user

Slider Content

This is the full content of the slider (banner). The content is entered through a rich edit box, and can accept HTML format.


If set to Yes then it will be displayed on eCommerce website otherwise it will not.

Display Order

This is the display order for the slider when more than one slider is enabled.

Start Date

This is the date from which slider will be displayed on eCommerce website.

Stop Date

This is the date after which slider will not be displayed on eCommerce website.

Map To Stores

This is the store to which slider will be mapped.


How to edit an existing slider?

  • Clicking on an existing slider will show the detail page of a previously created slider.


Following AppConfigs related to homepage slider can be configured.

AppConfig Name



This enables or disables auto play of slides. If set to true, it enables the auto play of slides. Possible values can be true or false.


This sets delay time for the slider in nanoseconds. Default is 3000 nanoseconds.


If set to True, this pauses the slide on mouse hover. Possible values can be true or false.


If set to true it shows next/previous arrows. If set to False, then next/previous arrows become hidden. Possible values can be true or false.


If set to true, then slide number under Smart Slider will be shown. If set to false, then slide number will not be shown. Possible values can be true or false.


This is the text that appears on the ‘Start’ button under Homepage Slider.


This is the text that appears be on ‘Stop’ button under Homepage Slider.



Preview of a Slider

  • Sliders on iVend eCommerce website can be seen on the portal homepage.

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