iVend eCommerce - Managing Multiple Locales

What is a Locale?

A locale is a set of parameters that define the language, country and any other specific preference that a user may wish to see the user interface in.

Left to right and right to left reading on a page is an example of a locale setting. Spanish language (content) and English language (content) is another example of a locale setting.

How to add a new Locale Setting?

  • Login as an administrator and click on the Configuration >> Localization >> Locale Settings menu.


  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button to create a new locale.

Note: Existing locales are listed on the page. Click on the Edit link to modify and existing locale. Click on the Delete link to delete an existing locale.


  • As 'Add New' button is pressed the following screen is shown where necessary details can be filled.

Note: If your locale is going to use a different currency than USD, make sure that the currency is published before creating the new locale and assigning an existing currency.




Field Name



This is the locale's name for use within the admin site. This must be a valid .NET locale name, in the format of en-US where ‘en’ represents the language and the ‘US’ represents the region.


This is a display label for the locale, visible on the site to the customers. The customers use this description to switch between different locales.

Default Currency

If you have multiple currencies published on your site, you can associate one of them with this locale so that when customers change to this language, they see prices in the associated currency.

Display Order

This control the display order in which languages that will be listed in the pull-down menu that customers use to switch between languages.



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