iVend eCommerce - Gift Card Management

How to manage Gift Cards in iVend ecommerce?

  • Log in as an administrator and click on the Payment >> Gift Card Management option under the Configuration menu.


Note: Store administrators can monitor the purchases and usage of gift cards on their site here. They can also create new gift cards, edit existing gift cards and also disable gift cards that were published previously.


The following default page for gift cards is displayed allowing you to perform user defined search on gift cards.


Search for a Gift Card

Using the search tools on the left you can find a list of existing gift cards based on user defined search parameters.

The different options provided in the search tools are explained in the table below:


Search Parameters

  • Serial Number
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email

Enter a serial number, customer name or a customer email in the edit box, select the search parameter from the drop down list and click the Search button to find one or more results matching the search parameter.

Gift Card Types

  • Show All
  • Certificate
  • E-Mail
  • Physical

Narrow your search further by selecting a specific type of gift card. For example, when the Show All option is selected then the system will search for all gift cards in the system matching the Search Parameter selected above.

Gift Card Status

  • Show All
  • Expired
  • Active
  • Used at Least Once
  • Disabled

Use this additional filter to search for gift cards matching a more specific combination. For example, when the Expired gift card status is selected along with the Show All option then the system will search for only those gift cards in the system that have expired and matches the Search Parameter selected above

Determine Gift Card Usage

Click on the Usage link available on each gift card list to reveal the purchases history of customers using this gift card.


Note: Store administrators can add or remove funds associated with a gift card using the ‘Add Usage’ option available.


Creating a New Gift Card

Gift Cards are setup as products in the system with some special attributes so that they behave like gift cards. The customers can then add gift cards to their shopping cart as they would any other product.

  • Store admins can also create new gift cards, by accessing the Products >> Manage Products menu and then clicking on ‘Green Plus’ button at the bottom of the page.


  • Clicking on ‘Green Plus’ button will open a specific Product page, where gift card can be created.


  • In order to add the inventory of such a gift card along with its price, sales price etc. click on ‘Show Variants’ link on the top of page as shown below.


  • The default variant page for the gift card product is displayed. Click on the variant name link (e.g. Gift Certificate 1 as shown below) to provide the complete details of the variant.


  • Enter the values in the various fields displayed for the Gift Certificate 1 variant and then click on ‘Save and Close’. This will save all information for the gift card variant in the system.


Whenever a published gift card is created and sold to a customer, it is visible under the Configuration >> Payment >> Gift Card Management menu.

Editing a Gift Card (in use)

To edit a gift card that has been used by a customer ever i.e. a transaction has been made on a published gift card, click on the Edit button at the beginning of each gift card displayed.



  • Update the required details on the Edit Gift Card page and then click on the ‘Update Gift Card’ button to save the changes.