iVend eCommerce - Managing Polls

What are Polls?

Polls allow you to collect customer opinions about various aspects of the site including products and entities (i.e. categories, departments and manufacturers). This feedback is used internally to understand customer behavior and improve usability.

Polls are different from classical surveys where a set of question answers leads to another concerning a topic in a series. A poll on the other hand, is usually a voting mechanism that collects user’s preference on products or related entities.

How to Setup Poll/s in iVend eCommerce?

Polls can be configured in a broad three step process:



  • Enable Poll

Polls must be enabled in the system from an administrator login. This is done by setting the ‘Polls.Enabled’ option to true in the AppConfigs parameter.


  • Add a New Poll

Once polls are enabled, one or more polls must be created using the ‘Manage Polls’ screen under the ‘Configuration >> Polls and Reviews’ menu. This creates the basic structure of a poll such as the poll question, schedule of the poll etc.


  • Create Answers (polling options) for the new Poll

After the structure of the poll is created, the choices (options) available for voting for each poll must be created. This is achieved either by clicking the ‘Manage Answers’ button available alongside each poll listed in the Polls screen or by clicking on the ‘Add/Edit Poll Answer’ link appearing inside the New Poll detail screen at the top.


Note: Polls are always mapped to one or more entities such as a category (sub-category), department (sub-department) etc. Hence, the polls appears on the site, only when one or more targeted entities are browsed by the visitor. If no entities are mapped while creating and saving a new poll, they are not visible on any other section of the site.


Enabling Poll in iVend Ecommerce

  • Log in as an administrator and click on the AppConfiig Parameters menu under Configuration >> Advanced.


  • Search for the text 'Polls.Enabled' in the Search field and then click on the ‘Go’ button to bring up the default settings for the poll application.


  • Click on the ‘Edit’ icon or the name of the poll configuration i.e. Polls.Enabled to enable polling in the system.  This action will open a pop-up window allowing editing of AppConfig values.


  • Select the ‘Yes’ option for ‘Default For All Stores’ and ‘My Store’ settings to enables polls. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save changes.

Note: Once the settings are saved, click on Reset Cache (top right middle icon) for the changes to take effect on the public site.



Adding a new Poll

  • Log in as an administrator and click on the Manage Polls menu under Configuration >> Polls and Reviews.


  • Click on the ‘Add New Poll’ button available at the top as well as the bottom of the page to create a new poll.

Note: Existing polls will be listed on the same screen allowing change in the Display Order. You may also edit an existing poll from the displayed list directly from this screen by clicking on the name of the Poll (hyperlink).



  • Enter the details of the new poll such as the name (poll question), expiry date and entities to which the polls are to be mapped. Click on the ‘Add New’ button to create the complete structure of the new poll.





This is the question that will appear to your customers on your site.

Expires On

Set this to the date you would like the poll to stop appearing on your site.

*Poll Sort  Order

This controls the order in which the answers to the poll appear. They can be listed in the order you add them or in a user defined sequence.


Set this to yes for the poll to show on the site, or no to hide it.

*Anons Can Vote

If this is set to yes, any visitor on your site can vote. If it's set to no, only logged-in customers will be able to vote.

Category (s)

Use these checkboxes to indicate where this poll should appear on your site. The poll will only appear in those Section and Category’s selected.


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Setting Answer(s) for the Poll

  • Navigate to the default page that lists all polls created in the system by clicking on the Configuration >> Polls and Reviews menu.
  • Click on the ‘Manage Answers’ button alongside the poll for which ‘answers’ need to be created.

  • Alternatively ‘answers’ can be created at the time of creating the poll itself.


  • Click the ‘Add New Answer’ button to provide options for the user to vote for the polls. 


  • Fill in the ’Answer Text’ field as an option for the poll question and click the Add New button. You may add multiple ‘answers’ to each poll question


  • Edit the ‘answer’ text and click on the Update button to add more options.  Click on the Reset button to cancel any edits.


  • The sequence in which the ‘answers’ to the polls are displayed to a site visitor can be changed by clicking on the ‘Manage Answers’ button and then entering the display order for each answer on the list of options appearing under in the poll answers screen.

Save changes by clicking the ‘Update’ button.



Verifying the appearance of a created Poll on the public site

The appearance of the created poll can be verified by browsing through the public site. The default section for the polls is under the News section of the public site. Click on the ‘Vote’ button to participate in the poll.


Note: The poll section will appear only when the mapped entity is clicked on the site. For example, this poll was mapped to the ‘Apparel 50% category’ and ‘Apparel >> Boys | Girls | Mens | Womens’ sections i.e. entities.