iVend POS 5.7 - Release Notes

Multi-Level Button Panel

iVend 5.7 supports creating a multilevel button panel for quick product entry at the Point of Sale. This feature will enable the user to assign a product, product group, product category and matrix items to a button thus enabling the user to organize buttons in a drill down hierarchy. The quick button panel configurations are attached to Retail Profile thus providing absolute flexibility to have different button panels at Store / POS / Cashier Level.

iVend Pass

iVend 5.7 is integrated with CitiXsys’s new subscription based service which will enable Retailers to distribute Gift Cards and Coupons to end consumers as digital passes on their iPhones (with IOS 6 and above) and Android Phones (coming soon). End Consumers will be able to store & view their digital Gift Cards and Coupons in the Passbook application on the iPhone. These digital passbooks are updated on the end consumer’s device via push notifications and will display information such as current balance on Gift Cards, Expiration date for Coupons and nearly all passes have a scan-able bar code so end consumers need not carry plastic or paper tickets to the store for redemption. More details on this is available at https://www.ivend.com/ivend-passes/

Document Number Series

The Number Series feature has been enhanced considerably in iVend 5.7. With iVend 5.7 the user will be able to define a different number series based on Transaction Type / Store / POS. Each Number Series can have a Prefix, Suffix, Start and End Date giving retailers absolute flexibility for document number generation.

Transaction Preview and printing

Using this feature the cahiers will be able to preview and print the transaction receipt before saving the transaction. The receipt is also shown on the customer facing display so that the end customer can view the details being captured by the cashier. 

Extended Language Support

Apart from English, iVend application is now also available in the following languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Dutch
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Greek
  6. Italian
  7. Latin American Spanish
  8. Polish
  9. Simplified Chinese
  10. Traditional Chinese
  11. Vietnamese

Status alert for SAP Business One Integration

With iVend 5.7 the SAP Business One integration service can be configured to send out email notifications to the system administrator at specified intervals with information on number of un-processed transactions in integration queue and number of failed integrations.

Enabling the Cash Back in Multicurrency

Using custom tenders the cashier will be able to give the change amount in currency other than the base currency. While creating a custom payment type in iVend, user can attach a foreign currency to it and then based on the exchange rate the change amount will be calculated at the POS.

Detailed Counting for the Custom Tenders

iVend 5.7 incorporates the enhancement for doing the summary or details level counting of the custom tenders while doing the Till Count.

Purchase Order

iVend 5.7 incorporates the following enhancements related to PO/GRPO.

  • Allow changing the price of an item while doing goods receipt base on purchase order. This feature is setting based and can be turned on if required from the enterprise settings.
  • Changing the quantity of the Partially received PO line
  • Closing PO line:  A button is provided on the purchase order screen. Clicking on this button will close the selected PO line.
  • Closing PO: A button is provided on the purchase order screen. Clicking on this button will close the entire PO.

Transaction Signature integration with SAP Business One

Customer signatures captured as the part of iVend transaction will now be integrated with SAP Business One and will start appearing on the attachments tab of relevant document within SAP Business One.

Gift card as Store Credit

iVend 5.7 will allow the users to configure the gift card as store credit as well. Using this feature, the cashier will be able to recharge the end customer’s gift card with the store credit amount that is being issued.


Information related to multiple shipping address of a transaction is integrated with SAP Business One on the line level. Therefore in cases where there is more than one fulfillment address is captured for a transaction in iVend, the integration engine will populate this shipping address on the line information within SAP Business One.

Reason code Integration with SAP Business One

Reason codes captured in iVend for Refunds, Goods Return, Till Variance, Goods Issue and Goods Receipt will show on the relevant document within SAP Business One.


Export / Import Tool

The Export / Import tool in iVend will now support importing / exporting of UDF data for product master.

Invoice Printing

Invoice total can now be printed in words on the thermal receipt. You can use TotalWholeString and TotalDecimalString properties to print the invoice amount in words.

X Tape Report

Due to fiscal printer limitation of Panama, the printing of X Tape report on the normal thermal printer is now enabled for the Panama localization.

Tax Status Integration of Customer

The Tax Status of customer will now be integrated with iVend and therefore if the customer is marked as “Exempt” in SAP Business One then the customer will also be treated as a Tax Exempt customer in iVend and no tax will be applied on sale transactions for such customers.

Test Payment Processor

iVend test payment processor will only be used in cases where the user has specifically allowed iVend to use the test processor for validating the credit/ debit card transactions.

Vendor Reference Number

While creating a goods receipt against a purchase order in iVend the vendor reference number will be copied to the GRPO.

Item Comments integration

Remarks captured on the product card in SAP Business One will now integrate with iVend and would appear on the product card within iVend.

Sale Attributes

Sales attribute values for the suspended transactions will also be recorded and will be retained on transaction re-call.


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