iVend Retail 6.5 Update 1 release notes

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 1– June 2016

iVend Retail- Over the Air Automatic Update

You must use the iVend Retail Installer while upgrading from iVend Retail version 6.4.X or prior release to iVend Retail version 6.5.X.


You must use the iVend Retail Installer to upgrade the iVend Retail version 6.5.x Offline POS installations.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

With iVend Retail 6.5 Update 1, we are releasing a new connector for integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

Business Logic, NAV Tables & Pages for iVend - NAV Integration have been implemented using extension of Events Subscriber and Publication, newly launched in NAV 2016 so that we can get benefit of reducing support and maintenance and upgrade of the NAV Objects.

iVend Retail integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using iVend Retail APIs. The entire landscape is designed to utilize the best practices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for enterprise processes and extend them via iVend Retail to the retail landscape.

The iVend - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration is currently supported for the following localizations:

  • W1
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Mexico

SAP Business One 9.2 Integration

iVend POS will now support integration with SAP Business One 9.2. This includes integration of 50 characters of product code. The integration also supports the enhancements from the Ecuador localization.

Signature Capture Enhancements

­With iVend Retail v6.5 Update 1, users can capture the customer signatures based on the transaction type. A set of new settings Signature Capture is provided on the retail profile using which the user can specify the transaction types on which the signature from the customer is required.

This is further enhanced to allow capturing of Customer Signature on basis of Payment Type being used in the transaction.

Unique Identifier for POS

Often payment processor requires a unique identification for a POS for doing a payment transaction using EFT. A new field on the POS Setup is now provided which helps in unique identification of the POS. This field is passed from iVend to the Payment Processor which then helps in verifying and identification of the POS terminal.

Memory Optimization

The POS application is enhanced to use a lower memory footprint. This would ensure that the users will get an enhanced experience while working at POS.

Product Surcharge Import

A new import template is incorporated in this release. This template would allow user to manage the surcharges associated with a product. User would also be able to remove the existing surcharge associated with a product using this import template.

Reports Enhancements

iVend 6.5 Update 1 incorporates 4 new reports.

  1. Daily Sales Report: Displays the consolidated sales data for the selected period store wise. The sale data is displayed with both tax and w/o tax amounts.
  2. Monthly Sales Report: Display the day wise break-up of the sales data for the selected month. The sale data is displayed with both tax and w/o tax amounts.
  3. Weekly Sales: Display the day wise break-up of the sales data for the selected week. The sale data is displayed with both tax and w/o tax amounts.
  1. Stock Cover: The Stock Cover report generates vendor wise summarized data for selected store within a selected period. It display product inventory “In-Quantity” and “Out-Quantity” and how many week stock cover in date range.

Search of UPC code

User would now be able to search the products at POS using UPC and alternate UPC codes from the same search field provided on the product search screen.

Loyalty Customer Portal

iVend Loyalty Customer Portal is changed to further enhance the customer’s experience. The speed of information rendering to the user is increased for faster operations. The customer portal is also made mobile responsive so that the customer can view the information from their mobile web browsers as well.

iVend Extensibility

Several new events are exposed in this release which will help users to further customize the applications.

Screen Events
  1. Loyalty Setup
  2. Loyalty Special Days
  3. Loyalty Notification
  4. Loyalty level
  5. Loyalty plan
  6. Loyalty Adjustment Journal
  7. Loyalty Card Transfer
Extended User Defined Field Support
  1. Kit Setup
  2. Alternate Product
  3. Assembly Details
  4. Upsell Product
  5. Expenses
  6. Alternate UPC Code
  7. Vendor Group
  8. Currency
  9. Product Category
  10. Customer Catalog
POS Enhancements
  1. Allow show and hiding of columns on Customer display.
  2. Extensibility of Complete Sale view with Print button events exposed.
  3. Extensibility of Transaction Detail View with Print button events exposed.

iVend Mobile POS Enhancements

iVend 6.5 Update 1 Support

iVend Mobile POS is now integrated with iVend Retail 6.5 Update 1. Mobile POS has full support for features like Multiple Subsidiary and Locations that was introduced in iVend 6.5. It also supports the enhancements done in color codification for the matrix and the loyalty customers. Apart from these Mobile POS also supports the functionality of Tax Free and Payment Attribute Masking. The application now also supports the latest released iVend and Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration.

Support of iOS 9

iVend Mobile POS 2.5.0 fully supports iOS 9.

Support of Android Marshmallow

iVend Mobile POS 2.5.0 fully supports Android latest release, Marshmallow.

Reports/Dashboards on Mobile POS

User can now view data related to transactions done using iVend Mobile POS. The following dashboards are provided in the system.

  1. Transaction by Value: The dashboards shows the sale totals based on the transaction types.
  2. Transaction by Count: The dashboard shows the number of transactions done for each type of transaction.
  3. Tender Collection: Tender collection reports shows the Amount Collected based on the different Payment Types.
  4. Transaction Detail: This shows all the transactions done from mobile POS.
  5. Tender Detail: This report shows the Amount Collected based on the different Payment Types
  6. Z Tape Report : This shows the Z Report which shows the Tender Wise Collection along with Sales Data and their tax breakups.
Printer integration

Support for mobile printers is expanded by adding a support for Epson TM-P60II printer. This is a Bluetooth printer which can now be made to work with iVend Mobile POS.

Login Enhancements

With iVend Mobile POS 2.5.0, users can now use the finger print scanner to log in iVend Mobile POS.

Merit Card Payment Processor Integration

iVend Mobile POS 2.5.0 is integrated with EMV compliant Mobile Payment solution from MeritCard.

Store-Credit payment type integration

Using iVend Mobile POS 2.5.0, cashier can now issue a Store Credit to the customers while doing a refund transaction. The issued store credit can be used by the customer for the subsequent transactions.

Store credit can only be issued from iVend Mobile POS in an Online Mode where the Mobile POS is connected to the iVend Server.

Language Support for Mobile POS

Apart from English, iVend Mobile POS application is now available in the following languages:

  • Arabic 
  • Dutch 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Italian 
  • Latin American Spanish 
  • Polish 
  • Simplified Chinese 
  • Korean
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Spain - Spanish

Issues Fixed

ID: 22320
While selecting product on iVend POS, system displays a Location Selection Screen even when the “Allow Negative Inventory” is flagged ON and “Show Negative Inventory Resolution" screen is turned OFF in the system. Ideally the product should be added to the transaction without popping up the location selection screen in this case.

ID: 23056
This issue come in case the system is setup for “Login for Each Transaction” (setting available in Retail Profile). After a user voids the transaction and logs out of system, the other user on login in still sees the voided transaction.

In case foreign currency tender is used for a payment of an earlier sale transaction left On Account, the integration shows an error “System.indexoutofrange exception: there is no row at position 0”.

ID: 23121
Special Order Statement report does not display customer name in case when the middle name or the last name is not set for the customer. 

ID: 23726
The database restoration from iVend Enterprise to Store gives an error in case the iVend Enterprise has User Defined Tables crated in database.

ID: 23985
This error come while creating a stock transfer shipment document in case Location functionality is enabled and Enterprise setting for “Allow Negative Inventory” is turned ON. In such cases, if an item does not have a stock available in system the user is not able to specify the location of stock transfer. Dues to this the user is not able to create a stock transfer document.

ID: 24112
In case when the batch has been sold from SAP Business One, the customer cannot refund the item from iVend POS as the sold batch information is not available in iVend. Due to this the customer cannot refund an item from iVend which is not originally purchased from iVend system.

ID: 24165
In case the iVend POS is running in an offline mode user are not able to print the A4 based transaction receipt.

ID: 24200
In case the system is upgrade from iVend 6.4, system does not recognize the alternate barcodes setup in the system.

ID: 24313
​In case of stock transfer cancellation for a store to store stock transfer, the document posting in SAP Business One was failing. This error comes in cases where a goods transfer document is being cancelled from the transferee store while the goods document is marked as received on the receiving store.

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