iVend eCommerce - How to configure Cash On Delivery Handling Charges

Applicable Versions: 1.6 and above.

What is COD Handling Charges?

iVend eCommerce allows a store admin to set a COD (Cash On Delivery) handling charge that a shopper must pay at the time of checkout if the selected payment method is COD. The COD handling charge is added in the shipping cost automatically once the shopper selects the COD payment option in the Payment Options screen.

How to Setup COD Handling Charges?

Login to admin console and navigate to Configuration AppConfig Parameters. Search for CODHandlingExtraFee configuration. Set this configuration value to the $ amount (without putting the sign $) that you intent to charges to the shopper as an extra charges for COD delivery.

In the below two screen shots see the highlighted sections. In the first screen shot, it has been clearly seen that the payment method is CreditCard and hence the COD handling charges has not been added in the shipping cost, whereas in the second screen shot where the payment method is C.O.D., the COD handling charges (i.e. $10 – setup in the AppConfig above) has been added in the shipping cost.

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