iVend eCommerce – Skin 107 Variant 2– Configuring Entity Page

This is the second article in 3 part series of “Configuring Home, Entity and Product page of Skin 107 Variant 2”.  Refer article “iVend eCommerce – Skin 107 Variant 2– Configuring Home Page” for home page configuration.

In this topic you will learn to configure entity page of skin 107 variant 2.

Note: - Ensure that you have taken backup of the web files and folder and the Database. Previous knowledge of iVend eCommerce and knowledge of HTML / XML / XSL / CSS will accelerate the understanding of the document.

How to configure entity page of skin 107 variant2 of iVend eCommerce?

Post installation of iVend eCommerce 1.6, change the skin id to 107 (if it is not). After logging into admin console go to Content >> Manage Skins >> Select Skin 107 and template variant as “Variant2”.

The entity page of Skin 107 Variant 2 has been split into different sections for better understanding. Each section has been described below, as to, how and where does it come from or how it can be configured.

Whenever an entity is clicked like Category / Section / Brand (Manufacturer) either from menu/sub-menu option or from any entity link or from any shop by option, then the page that is opened is the entity page. The below Entity Page of Skin107 variant 2 is divided into 6 sections and the details of configuring each section is given below.


Now we will configure each section of the entity page highlighted above with red rectangle in screenshot.

Configure Section 1 (Entity Banner):

To configure entity banner you need to create the image and place it on a folder. The name must be {entityid}.jpg/png/gif and put inside the folder {installed folder}/images/{entity type}/medium.  {entity type} may be category or section or manufacturer. Image size must be of 850*230.

Configure Section 2(Products Mapping with entity):

·         To add / edit mapped products go to respective entity (section in this case), go to Product >> Product Groups >> click on Manage Departments >> search the entity using filter option >> click on the name to open the entity in edit window >> go to products tab >> click on “products for department/category”.  Use the checkbox “Show Unmapped Products” to further map the products.

Configure Section 3 (Paging or Smart Scroll / Show More):

To display Paging: set AppConfig SmartScroll.Enabled to false.

To display Smart Scroll/Show More:

1.For Smar Scroll -> Set SmartScroll.Enabled to true and Set SmartScroll.Type to ScrollDown.

2.For Show More button -> Set SmartScroll.Enabled to true and Set SmartScroll.Type to ShowMore.

Configure Section 4 (Narrow your search panel)

·         This panel will have all the other entities except the menu entity. For example, if the menu is set with Section (Item Group) then it will display Shop by Category and Shop by Brand. If matrix item is set up in the system and if the products are mapped to attributes, then it will also display option for shop by attributes like shop by Color / shop by Size etc.

Configure Section 5 (Top Sellers) Widget:

If Top Sellers is configured on Home page then it will come automatically, no further configuration needed for Entity page. Refer the home page article.

Configure Section 6 (Specials) Widget:

For Specials widget configuration after logging in on admin console, click on Configuration -> AppConfig Parameters

Now, need to search and configure the following 3 parameters:

1.SpecialProductsCount: This is used for number of products to display in Specials widget. For example, if you want to show 8 products in this widget then you can define the value 8 for this parameter.

2.CXS.Special.EntityType: Put the entity type (category/section/manufacturer) for which you want to configure the specials products.

Valid Values: category or section or manufacturer

3.CXS.Special.EntityID: Put the entity id which falls under the above entity types, ensure that the special products have been mapped to this entity id.

Valid Values: 1 or 2 or 3 or any integer value 

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