End of Day from POS

In iVend Retail 6.5 update 2, user can perform the end of day operation from the iVend POS. End of day from POS can be done only if the store has 1 POS (Mobile or Terminal). This functionality will be very useful in one Store one POS wherein cashier need not to wait for closing the day. Cashier can close the day from POS and move to next business date. Store manager can finalize tills later as per the convenience.


End of day from POS can be done only if the store has 1 POS (Mobile or Terminal. Configuration will be done to permit users to perform end of day from POS. For this:

Login iVend Management console and navigate to:

  1. Administration -> Human Resources ->  Employee

Employee Search window appears.

  1. Search for required employee master record and open in edit mode.
  2. In the bottom, select option Allow EOD from POS. This will enable user to do end of day from POS.


  1. Now cashier login POS using user mapped to the aforementioned employee. 

Cashier will now assign till and add transactions throughout the day on iVend POS.

  1. At End of Day, Cashier will navigate to iVend icon -> Manage Tills.

Till Selection window appears. 

  1. Cashier will Remove and Close till.
  1. Cashier then selects Time Clock.

Time Clock window appears.

  1. Cashier selects End of Day button on Time Clock screen to perform end of day.


  1. End of Day window appears.

Cashier can select the next end of day from the drop down.


10. Shut down the application window appears. Cashier selects the OK button and POS closes.

11. Store and POS has now moved to next business date.


12. Later as per convenience, Store manager can access the Management console and perform Finalize Till. 


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