iVend Retail 6.5 Update 3 – November 2016

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 3 – November 2016

 iVend Retail- Over the Air Automatic Update

You must use the iVend Retail Installer while upgrading from iVend Retail version 6.4.X or prior release to iVend Retail version 6.5.X.


You must use the iVend Retail Installer to upgrade the iVend Retail version 6.5.x Offline POS installations.

iVend Mobile POS

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 3 incorporates API enhancements for compatibility with iVend Mobile POS version 2.6.

iVend Mobile POS version 2.6 is not compatible with previous releases / versions of iVend Retail.

Following enhancements have been incorporated in iVend Mobile POS version 2.6:

Data Synchronization Enhancement

Over the Air initialization and subsequent Data Synchronization speeds have been enhanced substantially. Users should experience 5-10 times faster data synchronization speeds as compared to the previous releases of iVend Mobile POS.

Uninterrupted data synchronization for iOS devices

With this Mobile POS release the IOS devices will not turn off during Over the Air initialization or Data Synchronization processing.

End of Day from MPOS

It is now possible to perform the End of Day operation from iVend Mobile POS.

End of Day from Mobile POS can only be done if a store has one Mobile POS configured for it.

Effective Date for Store Price List

iVend Mobile POS now supports “Effective date for store price list” feature available in iVend Retail.  Based on the effective date, system would determine the correct price list and would use the price from that price list.

Enhancement in Loyalty Module

The following loyalty enhancement are now supported by iVend Mobile POS:

  • Do not award points on loyalty redemption

This setting does not allocate any loyalty points to a transaction for which the payment is done using loyalty tender (partially or fully).

  • Award points after excluding tax amount

This setting excludes tax amounts while awarding the loyalty points/currency to the loyalty customer.

  • Available Redeemable Currency

A new field is added “Available Redeemable Currency” under Loyalty Points Information section on customer master.

  • Enable Loyalty Notification

A new setting "Enable Loyalty Notification" is added on loyalty customer master. Enabling this feature sends loyalty notifications to the customer. If the value is “false” then loyalty application does not send any notification to the customer.

Advance Payment Prompt on Special Order Transaction

While performing a Special Order transaction from Mobile POS, on clicking the Total field will display a prompt to the user to enter the Advice Amount against the Sales Order.

International character settings for mPOP device setup

A new setting is added on mPOP device setup where user can select the localization. Based on the localization selection, mPOP printer prints the currency symbol on receipts.

Customer Contact Enhancement

Following new fields are added on Contact Person screen:

  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • City of Birth
  • Gender
  • Profession

Customer Master Enhancement

Credit Limit and Customer Balance fields have been added to the Customer Master in Mobile POS. These fields are updated on synchronization with the iVend Server.

Allow Zero Price for Open Price Items

Just like iVend Termnal POS, iVend Mobile POS 2.6 also allows users to enter a zero value in price field on transaction for an open priced item.

Infinea Tab® M Integration

Mobile POS now supports integration to Infinea Tab M with following devices:

  • Infinea Tab® M support for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Infinea Tab® M support for iPad Air 2

Issues Fixed

ID: 27773

Description: Updating the System Display Settings from Enterprise does not change the display settings at store. It is found that the replication of these setting was missing due to which the settings were not affected on the store.

ID: 27785

Description: It is observed in iVend 6.5 Update 2 that after doing a product search or completing the transaction the mouse cursor does not return back to the scan area due to which the users using the scanner in HID mode was facing an issue.

ID: 27898

Description: It is observed in iVend 6.5 Update 1 onwards the completion of transaction was taking slightly longer in cases where the batch items are being used. This has been resolved now in iVend 6.5 Update 3.

ID: 27913

Description: Price from the Retail Price List was not printing correctly on the item labels in iVend 6.5 Update 2. Retail price list is the price list which can be defined for a retail store in addition to the Sales Price List. The purpose of Retail Price List is to show the regular price for a product on the item labels. The same was also found when an excel file is uploaded for generating the item labels from iVend.

ID: 27942

Description: In iVend 6.5 Update 2, on scanning the loyalty customer card the information of the loyalty customer was not getting updated in the customer information section.

ID: 27920

Description: Scanning of item on POS has been observed to be slow in iVend 6.5 Update 2. This is now optimized so that the item is added quickly in the transaction.

ID: 27923

Description: The gift certificate sync between the offline POS is not working as desired. This has been fixed in iVend 6.5 Update 3.

ID: 27924

Description: In case the field Business Partner is made mandatory on the stock transfer then while receiving the stock transfer at the store, system given an error that the Business Partner is a mandatory field.

ID: 27944

Description: Searching of the product by entering the partial barcode/UPC Code of the product search screen is not filtering the products. This was found to be working in iVend 6.4 series.

ID: 27952

Description: In case a product has base UoM other than the base UoM defined in the UoM group definition, on adding the product using the Alternate Barcode code the system does not add the item with the correct UoM in the transaction. This has been fixed in iVend 6.5 Update 3.

ID: 27919

Description: In case where login per sale is enabled, it is observed that the login using Biometric reader cease to work after few logins.

ID: 27798

Description: On upgrading to iVend 6.5 Update 2 it is observed that in case the vendor has a price list defined in foreign currency the prices picked by the system for a purchase order is not correct. However, this issue does not occur in case of new installations.

ID: 27905

Description: iVend Screen flickers and appears to hang in case iVend on-screen keyboard is used for the product search at POS. This is applicable only for the users which opens the onscreen keyboard for searching the product or customer.

ID: 27907

Description: iVend 6.5 Update 2 has a separate Database Upgrader utility which can be used in scenarios where one Server has multiple iVend databases. iVend DB Upgrader helps in selecting the databases which are to be upgraded. However, it is found that due to some missing .Net Framework files the application fails to launch. This has been fixed in iVend 6.5 Update 3.

ID: 27365

Description: The “Total Amounts” in words when printed in Spanish are not printed correctly on the transaction receipts.

ID: 27676

Description: In case a multi-company integration is setup on the server, the auto-retry setting for the company does not get saved.

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