Importing Item label for print using Excel

Importing Item label for print using Excel

In Retail Business, item label information is changing frequently and Retailers should always be ready to print the updated labels and attach it to Items and shelfs if required.

In iVend there are multiple places where user can print the labels (Item label printing, Shelf label printing, and transaction receiving screens). In this Article, we are going to explain how to use excel to import labels.

Excel Preparation

We need to prepare excel sheet with the following columns with the exact names:

1- ID

2- QuantityToPrint

3- Price

4- Weight


Import sheet

Once sheet is completed and filled with all the required labels need to be printed user can import it from

Reports> Designer\Label> Item Label printing

Reports> Designer\Label> Shelf Label Printing

On successful update, items will be imported and displayed on the screen and ready for printing.


For iVend 6.4.2 version While using Item Label Printing using Import Record in Management console, if there is no sheet with the name “Sheet” then the system throws an error “'sheet$' is not a valid name”.

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