iVend Retail Audit Log

Audit log is one of the most important features that comes with The new iVend 6.5 it allow tracking of users data changes in the application, All operations such as Add, Update, and Soft Deletes are logged also users will be able to track the records and values that were modified and compare the version of the record to see the information that was updated. 

This feature is available across master data such as product, manufacturer, customer, price, item cost, etc. and you can:

Enable/disable audit log for a particular object.

View log and compare changes.

Purge log.

Let's explain how audit log works 

  1. Under Administration tab go to IT Administration >> Audit Log Master 

Under "Is Logging Enabled" check that all objects you want to track are ticked (enabled for all by default).

Field Description
Object Name All objects are listed here for which logs can be recorded.
Is Logging Enabled Check this value if you want to log the changes for a particular object.
Ok This button saves the changes and closes the screen
Cancel This button does not save any changes and closes the screen.

Now Audit Log is enabled for all objects, let's go to check how to view/compare record changes.

There are 2 ways to view change log for any object: the first one is by going to the object screen (Customer Master in our example) then right click then click >> View Log

This will redirect you to Audit Log screen for this object as illustration below also please note :

  1. The top row is the most recent.
  2. The old value(s) that has changed will be highlighted.
  3. In this case I've changed the customer discount from 0 to 15%.

Field Description
Audit Key Primary key of the audit log table.
Source Type Table name of the source for this row.
Source Key Primary key of the source from the source table.
Record Id Code of the searched result
Operation Type This fields show what type of operation has performed on the object. The valid values are:
  • Add
  • Update
  • Soft Delete
  • Hard Delete
Modified By Shows the user who changed the record.
Modified Date Date and time of record change.
Site Id Site id of the system on which this update has occur.
Search All the relevant logs filtered on basis of search criteria fields will be listed down. All logs will be searched if no search criteria is mentioned.
Export This button will export all the searched result into excel file. User can save or edit the file as per the need.
Clear History This will clear the whole history of the selected source. Please Note:
  • This action can’t be undone.
  • If the logged in user has insufficient privileges, this button will be hidden.
Close Exit the current screen

The second ways to view/compare change log for any object is by going to Administration >>  IT Administration >> Audit Log >> Pick the source type you want lookup (Customer Master in our example) then click Search also you can filter your search results based on Record ID