iVend Retail 6.5 Update 4 – March 2017

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 4 – March 2017


Management Console Document Printing

This feature facilitates the user to define settings for printing various documents that are generated when a business transaction is done from iVend Management console. The feature is extremely powerful when separate print formats for the same document are required. This can also be used in case of multiple subsidiary where each subsidiary has a separate document format for the transaction done on Management Console. The report formats and default printers can be setup store wise based on the selected user or security roles.


Self-Banking at POS

iVend introduces the functionality of Self Banking to support multiple cashier to work on the same POS. This functionality will allow more than one user to work on a single POS while maintaining the account of their own transactions. So far if the multiple users had to work on the same POS they were made to work as a team. With the introduction of the Self Banking functionality each cashier can maintain their own till while working on the same POS terminal. To use this functionality, the setting “Login per Sale” must be turned ON from the Retail Profile.

iVend - SAP Business One Integration Extensibility

iVend Extensibility Framework is now extended to allow users to customize integration between SAP Business One and iVend.

Integration Extensibility will allow users to post additional information to SAP Business One when integrating records from iVend to SAP Business One. Users can post additional document(s) or modify the document information while processing the integration to SAP Business One. Users can also integrate additional objects / properties from SAP Business One to iVend.

This opens a new set of opportunities for partners / customers enabling them to create integration extensibility add-ons.



iVend Management Console

  • Customer records can now also be searched using the contact’s email address attached to the customer. This facilitates user to search for the customer on the customer’s email or contact’s email associated with the customer.
  • Much like POS Idle setting user can now set the Management Console Idle Setting. This would ensure that the Management Console goes into Idle mode after the duration of inactivity specified in the settings.
  • Price List can now be updated from Management console even for the cases where iVend is integrated with an ERP. This would allow users to do price updates in case of urgent situations. This functionality can be further controlled through user rights.
  • While deleting the store, now user has an option to also mark the associated warehouse as deleted. This functionality is available for iVend Unplugged users. In case the associated warehouse has inventory then the user is prompted for the same.
  • To help user in setting the search criteria, the lookups are now provided on the product and product group fields.

Inventory Transactions

  • Negative inventory setting can now be set per warehouse. This setting on the warehouse is inherited from the setting available on the Enterprise card and can be changed while defining a warehouse in the system. This functionality is only available for iVend Unplugged.
  • Much like the other inventory transactions now the Goods Return document can also be created by importing a text file in a pre-defined format.
  • Replenishment planning, Forecasting and Costing (Standard Cost) are now available for the customers using iVend integrated with an ERP system. Till the last release this functionality was available only to the iVend Unplugged customers. 
  • Users would now be able to select the date while merging more than one stock counting document. The setting for this is provided on the Enterprise card. Based on the setting, system will automatically determine the date of the stock counting in case the stock counting documents are being merged. Apart from this the stock counting id can be reused in the counting in case the earlier stock counting document status is close.


Functionality of default locations for Sale, Returns and Fulfillment is now extended to the POS master. This will allow user to set a specific selling or return location per POS. In case the default location for the POS is not selected then system would pick the default locations defined on the associated warehouse master. This functionality can be used from the POS which maintains their own inventory.

Promotions/ Bonus-Buys

  • Promotions / Bonus Buys can now be created for birthday and anniversary of the customer. The same is also applicable for the loyalty customers. A promotion filter can be set so that the promotion gets applied only if the customer’s birthday or anniversary is falling in a specified period range. Apart from this the promotion can also be configured so that it is applied only once for the selected customer. 
  • Functionality to import/export the bonus buys in the system is also incorporated. This allows user to easily manage the promotion setups in excel file and then import the same into the system.
  • Promotions /Bonus Buys which are no longer needed can be deleted from iVend. This will help in managing a smaller list of active promotions.

Gift Card/ Gift Certificates

Printing of Gift Cards/Gift certificates can now be configured in the system. This allows the user to select the type of gift certificate that is to be printed along with the transaction receipt. The setting for printing the Gift Certificate is provided on the gift certificate card.

A separate setting for re-printing of the gift certificate on the partial redemption is also provided. This will come handy in case the customers are re-issued a gift certificate for the balance amount in case the partial redemption of gift certificate is done.

iVend POS

  • Users who can unlock the POS can now be set from the Employee card. This is useful in cases where a cashier has locked the POS and has gone away thus blocking the POS to be used by another cashier.
  • In case of offline POS, system will now sync data between server and POS while POS is being shut down. This will ensure while the POS is shut down, the POS transaction data is synced with the server. The offline POS will now sync the data on startup and shut down of the POS application. Apart from this, user can now see the count of the records that are pending for synchronization by opening user menu and then clicking the “Offline Sync Monitor” button.
  • Users will now be able to setup a separate receipt format for the suspended transaction. This will ensure that the users can have a more control of the receipt format that is required for the printing of the suspended transactions.
  • A new setting is provided in the Retail Profile to set the default view to Inventory / Product Information on the Matrix Search View.
  • In case the full payment for the Sales Order is taken, the user is also prompted for delivery. Selecting this option user can add the balance payment and the delivery items together in a same transaction using a single function. This functionality is similar to the auto delivery functionality available for the Layaways at the POS.
  • Customer display can now be configured to show the Product images of the product while the product is added to the transaction. This feature can be turned ON from the retail profile settings.

POS Designer

New events are made available for the POS Designer.

  • Custom Payment Type: User can now define a button from the custom payment type. Using this user would be able to collect the payment from the custom payment type.
  • Till Close and Finalize Event: User can now define a button for this event. Clicking this button on POS would Remove, Close and Finalize the till attached to POS.
  • Find Item in Transaction: Using this event user can open the small search box for searching the item within the transaction. In case the search box is already open, clicking on the button would close the search.

Hardware Integration

  • POS now supports 2 barcode scanners which would allow user to setup a wireless and table top scanners attached to a same POS. This functionality will enable the user in scanning heavy items using the wireless scanner without the need to scan them on the table top scanners.
  • In case iVend POS is not able to resolve the scanned barcode, users will now hear a long beep instead of a regular beep. This will help users to easily identify that the scanned barcode is not resolved in the system.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Loyalty reports now have an ability to show all transactions for a loyalty customer regardless of points being awarded or not on the transaction.
  • End of Day, Till Closing and Time Clock reports are moved under Tender and Till Management Reporting Group.
  • Instead of multiple checkboxes, the Drop Down List are now provided for the ease of understanding. For e.g. Top items sales can now be generated based on either Quantity or Price.

iVend APIs

  1. Stock transfer request for the Stores can now be posted in iVend.
  2. Goods receipt against the stock transfer can now be posted into iVend.
  3. Additional information captured in payments is now available through APIs.
  4. Location Information is made available in Transaction APIs.
  5. Transaction items comments can now be retrieved using APIs.

iVend Loyalty

Loyalty Passes can now be sent to specific customers.


Customer Portal

With this release, all Loyalty customer transactions are viewable from the Customer Portal. The transaction receipt can also be viewed from the Customer Portal.


iVend Handheld

In case of a bad scan on iVend Handheld terminal, the system will make a beep sound apart from showing a message to the user. This will help user in identifying that the system was not able to resolve the scanned barcode.

Apart from regular user id and password users can now login in iVend Handheld terminal by scanning the barcode which contains the electronic id of the user. Electronic Id for the user is setup from the security user master.


iVend Extensibility

User defined field support is now extended to Stock Transfer Location and Merchandise Hierarchy. For more details, please refer to the iVend Extensibility guide.


iVend - SAP Business One Integration

iVend - SAP Business One Integration support for the SAP Business One is extended to include the support for Turkey Localization.


Issues Fixed


Description: Voids report does not generate data if the reason code is not selected while generating the report.



Description: Setting format of some number values in receipt doesn’t work, i.e. you can use N0 on Salesitems.quantity but not in GC section, this also applies to dates (i.e. to remove time)



Description: When logged in a commingled (Not an on premise store), user can see all the stock counting document that were created for other stores also.



Description: In case iVend Add-On is taking more time to complete the operation than defined in the Auto Close time of retail profile, the complete sale view doesn’t always close the view.



Description: Add-On does not start when user Login in POS using the Electronic Id rather than using the user id and password.



Description: When starting a stock count with the same name as one that already exists the stock count is merged, regardless of the warehouse the original was created for and the current warehouse.



Description: Quantity shouldn't appear on the quick buttons if the item is a non-stock item.


Issue: 28227

Description: When an IF and Else condition exists in receipt designer then deleting or adding rows means these conditions don’t move. This makes these to appear on the wrong row and therefore user have to first remove the conditions and then add them again.


Issue: 28226

Description: It is observed that in few cases while adding an IF Else section to receipt designer the receipt design is getting corrupted.


Issue: 27683

Description: In case the negative inventory is turned OFF, system should not show the upsell products which does not have stock in the warehouse. A setting is created for the same in the retail profile under the General section.


Issue: 27015

Description: In case the negative inventory is turned OFF, system should not show the optional promotion items when showing the promotion prompt to the user. A setting is created for the same in the retail profile under the General section.


Issue: 22899

Description: Products in fractions - In case the default quantity is 0 and the available quantity of the product is less than 1, the available quantity should be selected on the transaction instead of showing the negative inventory view.



Description: User is not able to import the Stock Transfer Shipment by specifying the batch numbers in the import file. This requires user to select the batch information manually after the import is complete.


Issue: 28374

Description: User is able to cancel the Goods Receipt document even if the same is returned to vendor. Cancelling of Goods Receipt document is available in case the ERP is set as “Other with ERP” in the Enterprise Settings.



Description: iVend POS is not working in an Offline mode on 32-bit OS.

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