What’s New on the CitiXsys Knowledge Portal for 2017?

The CitiXsys Knowledge Portal (CKP) has been with us now for a few years and we would all agree that it has been a great resource and service centre in delivering solutions to our many valued partners and indeed our end-clients too. 

We have seen many changes and new initiatives over time from its inception and our commitment to the iVend Retail community is to keep that momentum going by continuing to be innovative and dynamic in our delivery of many new features, while also revitalising and energising those features that we all know so well and have grown to love about the CKP.

The CitiXsys Knowledge Portal (CKP) aims to connect and interact with users. It enables you to collaborate, share ideas, seek answers to your questions and solve problems.

You can download software, post a question on the forums, view documentation and knowledge base articles, watch eLearning videos, sit for certification in our solutions and join our iVend Community.

We at CitiXsys will never be accused of resting on our laurels – So without further ado, let us take a look at What’s New on the CKP and what is just around the corner that you can look forward to…

View our webinar presentation on ‘What’s New on the CitiXsys Knowledge Portal’ 

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In the presentation we discuss the following topics.

New Certification Programs

  1. Sales
  2. Developer
  3. Support Technician
  4. Implementation Phase II

Updating the eLearning

  1. Phase I of our new eLearning program has been launched with a new look and feel and includes an interactive quiz to test your knowledge – A truly great innovation to our eLearning program that will enhance and reinforce your self-education program in our vast suite of retail solutions

The New Partner Resource Kit – to visit our partner pages

We’ve listened to all of your feedback and have responded by doing a lot of work to improve on the organisation and scope of the content – There is now a greatly enhanced accordion so that you can see at a glance the wealth of information and resources that we’ve made available to you, our valued partners.

So what should you be looking out for on the near and not too distant horizon?

  1. Look for Phase II on our eLearning – New topics, updated content, enhanced search and accordion and … Yes, More Quizzes too!
  2. Revitalised Homepage with What’s New and Recently added
  3. iVend Café for our iVend Community of Partners and clients – Join the new community to see discussion groups, Retail events in review, Interviews with key players and partners, blogs, Retail news and articles…. And, much, much more!
  4. Improving the Search Engine – The many enhancements will include a new intelligent filter so that you can find what you are looking for more quickly and easily. The search results will be enabled to target more focused key content such as the Document store, eLearning, Knowledge base articles and Forum discussions.

So sit back, enjoy the new experience and stay tuned to see what’s just around the corner – click here to view our Webinar presentation to learn more…

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