How to do Optometrist Scheduling

How to do Optometrist Scheduling in iVend Optical 2.0

This knowledge base article will give an overview about the process of scheduling an Optometrist. 

Optometrist Scheduling

It is a process in which an Optometrist [Vendors designated as Optometrist in the system] are made available at the Store for customer eye checkup or prescription process. And from the Book Appointment screen, appointments can be booked against this schedule.

Calendar is highlighted by color to show when an Optometrist is available.

Schedule created may be cancelled, linked to an appointment or the Optometrist may be replaced with some other Optometrist (depending upon his/her availability).

Steps to perform Optometrist Scheduling

Following are the steps to schedule an Optometrist:

  1. Login into iVend Management Console application.
  2. Navigate to AdministrationOptical ConfigurationOptometrist Scheduling to open the Optometrist Scheduling screen.

  3. In Optometrist Scheduling screen, select “Optometrist Scheduling - [New]” panel. In case this panel is not visible, then enable this panel from Settings panel.

  4. Select the Store on which Optometrist is to be scheduled.
  5. Select an Optometrist from the list of active Optometrists in the system.;
  6. Select “From Date and “To date” from calendar of the schedule for a given optometrist.
  7. Select “Start Time” and “End Time” of the schedule for a given optometrist.
  8. Enter the “Break Start Time” and “Break End Time” of a schedule (if required).
  9. Enter the comments or notes in Notes section (if required).
  10. Select the “Send Notifications” checkbox in case Email or SMS notification is configured in AdministrationOptical ConfigurationGeneral SettingsEmail/SMS NotificationSchedule Confirmation, and Email and Mobile Phone fields are configured in OperationsBusiness PartnerVendor.
  11. Select the applicable days by marking the checkbox against each day.
  12. Click the Save button.
Field/Button Description/Activity
Store Displays the name of current store.In case of enterprise mode, user can select and create schedule for any of the listed stores.
Optometrist Select the available optometrist for schedule.
From Date Pick the start date for Optometrist Scheduling from calendar
To Date Pick the End date for Optometrist Scheduling from calendar.In case of single day schedule select the same date for “To Date” as selected for “From Date“ whereas you can always pick different date in “To Date” for continuous scheduling.
Start time Enter Start time of the schedule for the selected Optometrist. (Applicable for all days in case of continuous schedule.)Make sure “Start Time”should not be earlier than Store’s “Start Time”.
End time Enter End time of the schedule for the selected optometrist. (Applicable for all days in case of continuous schedule.)Make sure “End time” should not exceed store’s “End Time”.
Break Start time Enter break start time for Optometrist in case break is needed in-between a schedule.
Break End time Enter break End time for Optometrist in case break is needed in-between Start time and End Time of a schedule.
Note You can write any note or comment specific to schedule.
Status Defines the status of given schedule. For New schedule status is by default Open. Once the schedule is created user can cancel this schedule by just changing its status to Cancelled.
Send Notifications Choose this option to send Email or SMS Notifications to Optometrist once a schedule is created or updated.
Days Select days for which given optometrist schedule is applicable.Only those days of week are visible which are marked as working days in Optical Settings screen for the selected Store.


Refer the iVend Optical Solution – User Manual for more understanding.

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