iVend Retail 6.5 Update 5 – September 2017

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 5 – September 2017

Remote Support Platform (RSP)

RSP module will help the iVend Administrator in performing following activities:

  • Hotfix Distribution: The Administrator will be able to deploy Hotfixes on the Server and will be able to distribute / apply the Hotfix to the respective store components.

  • Remote Control: Take Remote Control of any machine running iVend POS and iVend Management Console.

Customer Facing Display

Customer facing display includes the following sections and screen. The functionality is divided in four parts:

  1. Idle Screen

  2. Transaction Information

  3. Customer formation Capture

  4. Feedback

Each of these sections can be designed / configured by the store user. The video, images and flash files can be placed on the idle screen while answers for feedbacks can be in form of text or images. This functionality will also allow customer to fill in their own registration details.

Price Check Feature

This feature will allow the user to quickly check the price of a product by scanning the product on the Point of Sale application. The system will display the scanned product details along with the price and discount information.

Fiscal Receipt Customization and Extensibility

Up till the current release, the formats of the fiscal receipt could not be customized by the user. Update 5 will have a feature which will allow the user to integrate new fiscal printers and also allow users to change the receipt formats of the existing fiscal printer integration available through iVend.

Transaction Register

This functionality will allow users to view the POS transaction details from iVend Management Console. Users will be able to search for transactions using the provided search criteria or by using canned SQL queries. This functionality will also enable the user to navigate to the target document for the transaction that is being viewed. Users will also be able to print the transaction details in A4 format.

Creating Stock transfer request using iVend handheld

With Update 5, users will be able to generate stock transfer requests using the iVend handheld module.

Transaction Approval

This functionality will allow the Enterprise / Store managers to approve POS transactions in an offline mode in case the store manager is not available on the sales floor. Based on the setup, transactions with manual price / discount override can be submitted for offline approval. Such transactions will remain in suspended mode unless they are approved by the manager. A notification will also be sent to the manager for such approvals. After the transaction has been approved, an approval notification will be send back to the cashier / team. The cashier can then re-call the approved transaction and complete the same.

Dynamic Bill of Materials

This functionality will allow the cashier to sell Template Bill of Materials where component item quantities are not fixed and are decided by the customer at the time of sale. The cashier will be able to update the component item quantities while selling such Dynamic BOM items. For Example – when selling a mix of chocolates.

Stock Reservation for Special Orders

This functionality in Update 5 will allow reservation of Item quantities against Sales Orders. The casher will have the option to reserve item quantities against Sales Orders thus ensuring stock availability for Order Fulfilment.

Theft protection KPI

The following enhancements are available in theft protection KPI’s:

  1. iVend would alert a user when a paper roll in the printer is nearing end. The notification will be sent to both cashier and store users.

  2. iVend will check the printer open status before the taking the payment.

  3. Based on the retail profile setting, system would ensure that cash drawer is closed before the cashier proceeds to the payment section.

  4. Based on the settings, system would not allow to add items in the transaction unless the cash drawer is closed after the previous transaction.

Support for SAP B1 – Stock Transfer Request Integration with iVend

With iVend Retail 6.5 update5, it is possible to integrate SAP Business One Stock Transfer Request with iVend. In the Stock Transfer Request screen, a new setting (For Store) has been provided which enables the SAP B1 user to create a Stock Transfer Request for the iVend Store and then iVend user can send the Stock Transfer Shipment based on the Stock Transfer Request.

iVend - SAP Business One Integration

From iVend Retail 6.5 update5, the integration of following listed objects are manual in SAP Business One HANA environment. A new “Sync” button is provided on these screens and user has to click on Sync button to enable the integration for these objects. History must be enabled in SAP Business One to integrate the Serial and Batch Information.

  1. Exchange Rates

  2. Copy Discounts

  3. Serial Number Management – Update

  4. Batch Number Management - Update


Replication Engine Enhancement

Currently all the inventory updates of a warehouse are sent across the enterprise landscape. This increases the load on the replication engine. To ease out this load, an enhancement is done so that the inventory updates of a warehouse is sent only to the other warehouses belonging to the same inventory store group. This will also result in more space availability for the transaction data storage at a store level.

Limit the Quantity on Transaction

A check has been implemented in system where user can restrict a sale of an item to a particular quantity in a transaction.

Search with mobile phone & email at the intelligent search area

Customer on a transaction can now be changed by searching the customers by Name, Tax Number, Electronic Id, Phone Number and by Email Id.

Inventory Counts made Simpler

The process has been streamlined so that the user can create inventory count in a single step. Also functionality for deleting a product from the count is now provided.

License Control

License control screen is enhanced to show the usage details of the iVend Licensing components.

POS Transaction Enhancements

In iVend Retail 6.5 Update 5, the following enhancements are incorporated in Point of Sale Transactions:

  • Set maximum number of times a promotion can be applied within a transaction

  • Set maximum discount levels for a product

  • Restrict sale of an item on a Zero Price.

  • Apart from Transaction Completion Time, Transaction start time is also captured. This can be viewed using a report provided in iVend Management Console.

Stock Transfer Shipment

Much like purchase order in iVend, user will now be able to specify the surcharges for a stock transfer shipment. This will help in calculating the landed cost of goods received though a stock transfer. This feature will only be available for iVend unplugged.

Multiple Receipt Formats

With Update 5, user is able to select different reports for A4 printing. This will extend flexibility to the user to select different report format based on the print profile. This functionality is also extended to other receipt formats that are printed from iVend POS.

Alert Notification

Apart from sending the In-App notifications, user can also be alerted through SMS and Email. Email templates are also enhanced to include more key words to provide greater flexibility.


A count is maintained by the system whenever a receipt is re-printed. System also captures the other details like user, time and terminal details from where the receipt is reprinting.

Loyalty Enhancements

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 5 incorporates following enhancement in loyalty:

  • Points redemption in multiples of x

  • Ability to define a default Loyalty Program in the Loyalty Program Master. This Default Loyalty Program gets defaulted on the Customer Level when a customer is added in iVend.

iVend Mobile POS

iVend Retail 6.5 Update 5 incorporates API enhancements for compatibility with iVend Mobile POS version 3.0.

iVend Mobile POS version 3.0 is not compatible with previous releases / versions of iVend Retail.

Following enhancements have been incorporated in iVend Mobile POS version 3.0:


In iVend Mobile 3.0, the mobile POS GUI has been re-designed, making it more user friendly and responsive.

User Profile Menu

In iVend Mobile 3.0, the new user profile menu is available that displays user information and allow user to view the dashboard, perform the transaction search, settings, synchronization and End of the day from the single screen.

Smart Scan Area on Transaction screen

With iVend Mobile 3.0, it is possible to perform the search on the transaction screen.

Add, update and Search customer data from the Transaction Screen

With iVend Mobile 3.0, it is possible to add, update and search the customer data from the transaction screen.

Button Panel View Enhancement

In iVend Mobile 3.0, the product image will be available on buttons panel.

This will assist the user in easy identification of product and reduce error in product selection.

Catalog View Enhancement

In iVend Mobile 3.0, Carousel view is implemented on catalog view. This enhanced the catalog view look and feel.

CAYAN Payment Processor Integration

iVend Mobile POS 3.0 support the integration with CAYAN Payment Processor.

Android 8.0 Oreo Support

iVend Mobile POS 3.0 is compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.

New Dashboard

In iVend Mobile POS 3.0, the following new dashboards are available:

  • Net Sales: This dashboard displays the Net Sales, Total Refund and Total Sales data in Mobile POS. User can filter the dashboard data by – Month, Week and Today.

  • Net Sales by Product Group: This dashboard displays the net sales by product group. The data in the dashboard is available in percentage and in value.

  • Net Quantity Sold: This dashboard displays the net quantity sold. User can filter the dashboard data by – Month, Week and Today.

  • Top Selling Products: This dashboard displays the top selling product. User can filter the dashboard data by – Month, Week and Today.

Issues Fixed in iVend

Issue: iVend add-on screens Authorization issue.

Description: Few of the iVend add-on screens are missing in the SAP Business One Authorization Window. This has been fixed in this release.

Issue: Inventory mismatch

Description: If the A/P Credit Memo is created based on a Goods Receipt PO created from iVend then inventory update does not sync with iVend.

Issue: Inventory mismatch

Description: If a Goods issue is created in SAP Business One then the inventory update does not sync with iVend. This is the case when a Goods issue is duplicated from a Goods Issue created from iVend.

Issue: Serial Number does not found in iVend.

Description: The integration gets stuck if the name of the serial number is changed in SAP Business One.

Issue: Error in updating Purchase Order in SAP Business One

Description: - If the purchase order is created in foreign currency and the unit price is not defined at the line level then while updating the purchase order, an error message is displayed as 'Document Currency does not match with line currency'.

Issue: Error while cancelling the Stock Transfer in SAP Business One with HANA.

Description: If a stock transfer is cancelled in SAP Business One then it gives the error.

Issue: Tax Code at the Shipping address does not integrate with iVend

Description: Along with the integration of other Ship To address fields of the Business Partner, user can now integrate the Tax Code with iVend.

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