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Label Report


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate how to create a Label Report.

In iVend, user can design their own labels using two options, Thermal Label Setup or Report Designer.

So, let us start with Thermal Label Setup. For that, let us go to iVend Management Console. In Management Console, go to Reports, then go to submenu Designer Label and select Create Label Report option. Thermal Label Search window appears. This feature enables the user to design labels for printing on EPL, ZPL-based printers. This label appears in format list with other formats in item label printing feature.

Now, click on New button and Thermal Label Setup window appears. Here, define the Code and Description. Let us give it a Code, then provide the width of the label using the units and in height provide the length of the label you are using. Please note, for ZPL printers, non-continuous media which is Gap, Notch, Hole, or Black Mark, length is internally set when the printer is calibrated. Use of continuous media may use this value but the label length is often included in the format.

Then, in the Labels per Row, define the number of labels in each row. Now, put some Text Field and Barcode. So, we will put some Text Field here. Let us take another one and place a Barcode. Then, select the Text Field and assign the Data Field value. This is the Data Field value. Let us take it a product ID and in this, let us take product description and then click Okay and the Label Report is saved. This was your Label Report.

Now, let us move to another option which is Report Designer to create Label Reports. Let us go to Report Designer. Report Designer Screen appears. This allows the user to design a Label Report and print on desired paper size.

Now, for that go to file and select option Label Report. A wizard screen appears. Here, provide the Data Source. Let us create a Data Source. Let us take a table INVProduct and fields like ID, Description, let us take UPC Code, say Okay, and click on Next.

After defining the Data Source, define the Label settings in the Selection Parameter Panel. Here, select the Label Type and Unit. Select the Label Type, let us take this. Define the Unit like centimeters, millimeters, inches.

The Size Label Panel is used to change the label size, and the Size Pages Panel is used to select the page size or manually set width and height and margin of a page.

The Configuration Label Panel is used to set number of rows, columns and direction of labels, and this is the Preview Panel. It is used to preview how labels are placed on a page. So, after doing all this setting, click on Finish.

Now, on the Data Band, provide the fields for these labels. So, we will place the text box, provide the Data Column. Let us take it for Description and then for UPC Code. You can do the editing also. Let us make it bold and for UPC Code, let us go to Property and change its font, change the font, say Okay. So, now let us preview the Label Report. We can go to Preview, and here is your Label Report.

In this way, you can create the Label Reports.

With this, we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.