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Printing and Exporting


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate how to print or export a Dashboard and its items.

So, let us move to a Dashboard. This is a Dashboard of sales promotion. Here, click this button in the Dashboard Title area and choose the required action which will be Print Preview, Export to PDF, or Export to Image.

If you select, Print Preview, the Print Preview window will be invoked. Here, you can change the orientation, size of the page, you can scale the document, you can specify the margins, and so on.

Now, let us close this, and if you select Export to PDF option, then Export to PDF dialog will be invoked. Here, options available are Page Layout. Page Layout specifies the page orientation used to export a Dashboard, like Landscape, Portrait.

Then, in Size you can specify the standard paper size. Show Title specifies whether or not to apply the Dashboard title to the exported document title and Title specifies the title of the exported document. Filter State specifies the filter state's location in the exported document and Scale Mode specifies the mode for scaling when exporting a Dashboard.

So, you can use the Scale Mode. If you select Use Scale Factor, in Scale Factor, you can specify the scale factor in fractions of 1 by which Dashboard is scaled, and if you select Auto Fit Page Width, Auto Fit Page Count specifies the number of horizontal or vertical pages spanning the total width or height of a Dashboard. So, after specifying the required options in this dialog, click Export button to export the Dashboard, and to reset the changes to the default value, click the Reset button.

Now, if you select Export to Image option, then Export to Image dialog will be invoked where you have Show Title, Title, Filter State, Image Format, and Resolution, and when you click Export, Dashboard will be exported as an image.

So, this is how user can print or export the Dashboard.

Now, if user needs to print or export only Dashboard item and not the complete Dashboard. In that case, click this button in the Dashboard Item caption area and choose the option like Print Preview, Export to PDF, and Export to Image.

Please note, when an individual Dashboard item is printed, the entire item content is reflected in the printed document regardless of the item's current scroll position.

So, with this we end our session on printing and exporting of Dashboard and Dashboard item.

Thank you for watching this video.

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