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iVend POS is an integral component of iVend Retail – a complete Retail Management Suite. iVend POS comes in 2 different forms – Terminal POS and Mobile POS.Terminal POS is the traditional POS application packed with multitude of features and is the execution point for configurations done at the Head Office which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. [br top="0"] iVend Terminal POS has an easy to use intuitive user interface and can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard. iVend Mobile POS is a POS on a handheld device. Operating on iOS devices and select models of Andriod Tablets, it has far more to offer than just a POS functionality.iVend Mobile is extremely well suited for both speciality retailers having many small format retail stores AND the large format departmental / super market stores.
iVend Loyalty is a points & rewards management application, designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improving customer satisfaction levels. iVend Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and can integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using its APIs.Flexible Loyalty Plans with multiple redemption features make iVend Loyalty an imperative solution not only for the Retail Industry, but also for non-consumer industries like manufacturing and non-profit organizations.
iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards for the Retail Industry. iVend Analytics seamlessly integrates into iVend Retail and leverages transactional data of the retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional & actionable.Retail specific intuitive dashboards provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making. iVend Analytics runs on any browser, iOS devices or Android tablets.
iVend Retail integrates with SAP Business One using the standard DI APIs provided as a part of SAP Business One Software Development Kit. iVend Retail also integrates UDFs (User Defined Fields) defined on Business Partner and Item Master in SAP Business One into iVend Retail.There are over 25 masters and numerous transactions which integrate between iVend Retail and SAP Business One.When installed, iVend Retail configures 2 services – integration and replication which are utilized for integrating the 2 applications and to also replicate retail data and transactions across the retail enterprise. Considering the sensitivity of retail operations, only a few masters have a bi-directional integration. Most of the others are defined in the core ERP – SAP Business One and integrated into iVend Retail and the entire Retail enterprise.