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In this session, we will be looking at CitiXsys License Administration.  In this demonstration, we will be looking at the license administration, and in particular, the installation of the Citixsys License Manager which is required for all Citixsys software solutions.  So, we will be installing the license manager and applying the license key.  Now, the license key will be provided from either CitiXsys directly or from your business partner.  So, the first step we need to do is to locate the installation file which we have stored in a default folder under our Citixsys subfolders.  All we need to do is double click the .exe file to start the process.  So, all we need to do now is follow the prompts.  We receive a standard welcome screen.  We now click next to proceed to the next step.  We are now ready to install the program.  All we need to do is click the install button to confirm.  Wait for the process to complete, and this may take a few minutes.  Finally, after the initialization and running of the installation, we will receive a notification that the process has been completed.  What we need to do is click finish to confirm.

Next, we are going to look at the activation of the Citixsys License Key.  So, you will receive an e-mail from Cityxsys or from your business partner similar to this one, which would include you license key as shown here.  The next step is to open up the License Administration Tool and submit this license key for activation.  To do this, we go to the start menu, we select all programs, and we select Citixsys License Administration Tool.  As you can see, this has opened up the Cityxsys Licensing Wizard.  Now, we have a number of options here, to activate a license, to return a license, and to configure our license service.  We are going to show the activation of the license.  So, all we need to do is click next.  We are presented with a number of options on how to activate the license.  Internet, e-mail, and short code.  We are going to select the internet.  Click next.  Depending on your network security, you may need to complete the proxy service settings.  In this care, we will just select the no proxy service settings because they are not applicable.  Click next.  It is a requirement as part of the activation to enter your e-mail address so we will just do that.  We need to enter the activation ID that we received in our e-mail.  We click next.  the activation of the license may take a few minutes.  So, all we need to do is wait for the confirmation, and now we see our license activation confirmation, and the process is now complete.  Click Finish to close the wizard.  Before we complete this section, we would just have a quick look at the other options here.  We have the Return a License and we also have the Configure License Service.  Now, if for any reason we need to return the license and this may be required for an upgrade, a fresh installation, and an installation on a new server.  It may be required that we need to return the license before activating a new license key.  To do this, we just select the option Return License.  Click next.  Select the option for the returning of the license.  In this case, the internet.  Once again, we are represented with the proxy service settings; complete these if required.  We are asked for a reason for the returning of the license, and we have a number of options here.  In this case, we are just going to select the None option.  Next, we select the fulfillment ID which is the confirmation of the license key that we have registered, and then we click next.  We wait for the confirmation message that the process has been completed, and here we can see that the message received is confirming that our license has been returned successfully.  Click finish to exit the visit.

The final option we are going to show here in the Citixsys Licensing Wizard is to Configure License Service.  So, we just select this and click next.  Now, you can see here, we have options to restart the service and to stop the service.  Now this may be required during an upgrade or a fresh installation process, so what we can do is we can click stop and then click next and this will stop the license service from running.  We select the restart service option.  This will stop the service and then restart the service.  We just click next to confirm and click finish to exit the licensing wizard.  This concludes the topic on Citixsys License Administration.  Thank you.

Thank you for watching.  Further e-learning demonstrations can be found at

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