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Report with Sub-report


Hi, my name is Kumar, and in this video I will demonstrate how to Create Report with Sub-Report.

For that, let us go to iVend Management Console. In iVend Management Console, under Report go to submenu Designer Label and select Report Designer. Report Designer Screen appears.

Here, let us quickly create a Data Source. New Data Source. I will be using Query. I have already created a query which will bring the data from customer table. This is my query. Let us give it a name and then retrieve column. So, this query will fetch the Customer Key ID and Customer Name for me. Let us say Okay. Select this and Okay.

So, I have a Data Set. Now, I will create another Data Set. This is my another query which will bring the addresses of the customers. Let us give it a name and Retrieve Column and Okay. Select this and Okay. So, now I have 2 data sets ready, Address and Customer.

Now, we will drag Group Data Band which is here and assign the Customer Key from Customer Data Set.

Now, we will put the Data Band and assign the Data Set Costumer. Also, let us provide the Text Component for customer. So, I want to show Customer Name and Customer ID here. Let us align them. Now, we will put the Sub-Report on Data Band, so go to this, select the Sub-Report and place it here, say Okay. We can align the Sub-Report.

Now, we will go to Sub-Report page and drag the Data Set Address. Choose the column which you want to show on this Sub-Report. Let us take Address Try, Address, Phone Number, City, Zip Code, Country Name, and let us say Okay. Now, double click on the Data Set Address and select the filters. Click on Add Filter. Select the Field Value as Expression. Then, provide the Expression which will be Customer Key from Customer Data Set and Customer Key from Address Data Set and then say Okay. Click Okay.

You can also edit the Sub-Report Component by changing the color. You can provide the color, go to Properties, go to Color, choose the color for it. Let us take this. You can change the value of properties of Sub-Report. For example, if you want the Sub-Report to be kept together then set the Keep Sub-Report Together property to True. Select the Sub-Report and then Keep Sub-Report Together property to True.

Similarly, you can do the editing of these Data Sets to Sub-Report, Text Component, and so on. Let us quickly do some editing here, like we provide the color. Let us take it same as here and put this. You can make the text bold. You can align them. You may set borders also if required.

So, you may do the required editing of the Text, Text Boxes, Data Band like size, font, color, etc. You can do the alignment and so on. Once done, click Preview or press F5 to generate the report.

Let us press F5. As you can see, the report generator rendered the report which was located in the nested page and placed it on the report page, but not in the Sub-Report Component.

So, in this way user can create Reports with Sub-Report.

With this, we end our session.

Thank you for watching this video.