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That's what CitiXsys knowledge Portal aims to achieve - an engaged community, which helps you get more out of your investments in Retail.

Users of CitiXsys Knowledge Portal, get easy access to knowledge and content on the portal and get to share experiences, queries, through forums, knowledge articles, groups and wikis.

Update your personal profile, Download a product, enjoy the experience, ask a question, create a post to a forum, write comments on knowledge articles, start and join groups, bookmark and tag content and people of value to you, and much more.

As an added bonus, the knowledge portal gives you access to download products for trial, CitiXsys marketing collateral, Whitepapers, e-learning and a host of other content without the hassle of registering long data forms.

Experience iVend Retail

CitiXsys Knowledge Portal allows the users to download iVend Retail suite of applications, install them through their intuitive wizards and e-learning videos. On screen instructions, comprehensive library of elearning videos enable the user to comfortably and effortlessly install and configure iVend Retail Suite of applications.

CitiXsys knowledge portal

Your Search for knowledge begins here.

Use this CitiXsys Knowledge Base to search quickly for Articles on iVend Suite of applications. Knowledge Base provides a means for collecting, organizing, and retrieving of content pertaining to product documentation and support. Administrators can provide users with access to templates to facilitate the creation of knowledge base articles.

Search for the different product categories and topics in the left menu and see the filtered articles appearing in the Knowledge Base search.

Knowledge base also provides access to generic whitepapers, articles and thought leadership articles. These artifacts not only help partners and customers to increase their domain knowledge, but also help partners keep their visibility ON while interacting with a prospect.

Explore with eLearning.

There is new version of iVend available, how would you know more about it? Explore iVend eLearning to look for a video for self-learning. Advanced features like bonus buy hierarchy, discount setups are very well explained to help users better understand and appreciate the features, which they may need while positioning and implementing iVend Retail.

Have a query

Hit a Forum- it is the discussion desk for members where you can post discussions and read and respond to posts by other forum members. Our forums are focused on all iVend Suite offerings, nearly any subject or query related to the product feature set or integration could be searched or asked.

How to Register?

CitiXsys knowledge portal registration is a simple form where you submit your email ID and you shall so receive an email with your user status and password. On this form, you also choose your display name that will identify you and your interactions to your peers in the CitiXsys community